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Convulsion started in December of 2009 in the Newport County area of Rhode Island. The band was a continuation of another band that had Nathaniel (Nate) Almeida on vocals, Kaycee Tarricone (aka Ninevoolt Tarricone) and Matthew Tansey on guitar, Dylan Kulpa on bass and Evan White on drums. When the band parted ways with Matt, and Harry Harvey joined on guitar, they took their music in a completely different direction, creating a quite unique sound. The members choose to name the new incarnation of the band Convulsions, a word associated with seizures, tremors, and general chaos, words which the band members felt related to their music in many ways. The name Convulsions made people feel uneasy and stressed, so that suited the band's music, that was very tense and stressful, well. In their music, the band incorporated numerous elements: fast paced parts with odd changing time signatures, heavy and droning parts, noisy parts, calm and melodic parts. On the first demo the band recorded, 2010's 'Losing Everything', the sound was still developing, so the songs were rather simple and gritty. Lyrically, the main theme was depression. After the demo, Dylan left the band and Dean Forsythe took his place. Convulsions released their first vinyl output on Glory Kid Records tin August 2010, 'The Reaper's Gift'. On the 7”, the band's music was more worked out. The lyrics were a reflection on Nathaniel's emotional struggle associated with his father's lung cancer. The band played various weekend tours, and one four day tour, while Evan White and KayCee Tarricone also became involved in another straight edge band, Raindance. Convulsions closed 2010 and started 2011 with a 10 day west coast tour.
Besides their highly original take on hardcore, Convulsion's itense live performances was what made the band getting noticed. In 2011, the band released a split album with New Brunswick, NJ straight edge band Black Kites, on Nerdcore Records. The new recodings had more experimentation, while still mainting the aggression of the first 7”. After the split came out, Convulsions, who decided to shorten their name to Convul in 2012, continued to play shows and started working on songs for their first full length. This full length was released at the end of 2012, again on Glory Kid Records, with the arabic title سأكون رؤيتكم , which translates as 'I'll Be Seeing You'. On this album, the band had an even more sludgy sound, although the album still had a lot of variation, not only in the music – that was sometimes very slow, but also had fast parts, but also in the vocal delivery, that went from scream to growl to awkward sounding anguished singing/talking. The album had only six songs, with one song clocking below 2 minutes, and most of the others being longer than 5 minutes, the last track even being more than 10 minutes long. Just like on previous records, the lyrics on the album dealt with loss and depression, and went deep, sometimes taking an ugly and confrontating turn. In January, two unreleased tracks of the band were included on the 'You Can't Kill Me, I'm Already Dead'-compilation on Atomic Action Records. In March 2013, Convul did a 2 week Eastcoast tour, together with BLH, an acoustic side project of Seraphim, which proved to be the last tour for the band. On March 13, Convul recorded two songs with BLH, 'Severed Heads' clocking at 5.30 and 'George Peach' at 9.17 as 'Convul with Brian', that were released on Bandcamp in April. In april Convul played another show in Providence, RI, and broke up not longer after that. - Straight Edge Encyclopedia


Convul (Convulsions) - I'll Be Seeing You
10/23/12 · GKR022

Black Kites / Convulsions - Split
2011 · GKR019

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