Old Wounds


Sinister and energetic, heart-wrenching yet merciless, frantic but morbidly playful with their song structures; the grimy shores of New Jersey have been known to churn out this uniquely disparaging sound, but Old Wounds have truly branded it their own. This ragtag trio of close friends has and carved out a name for themselves by demonstrating what “heavy music” can be by stripping it down and playing it without the unnecessary garnish. Old Wounds is one of the hardest working bands we’ve ever come across showcasing an uncompromising earnest to work hard at their craft and a self reliance rarely found in modern music. Old Wounds is most definitely a force to be reckoned with and a welcome addition to the GKL family.


Old Wounds - From Where We Came is We'll Rest
02/26/13 · GKR023

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  • Old Wounds - The Suffering Spirit

    Old Wounds - The Suffering Spirit