Conjured, built, and tempered in the pummeling waters of Idaho Falls, Outlet is a quintet that performs a unique blend of brute metallic hardcore, bathed in disparity matched by none. After the well-received Broken is the Man; Vital Are the Missing Parts EP in 2009, the band has been lying low, conspiring, slowly cultivating their most ambitious and incendiary effort yet.

The forthcoming ‘Memento Mori’ is a testament to the complexities of the human psyche and a tribute to the futility of existence. Six tracks of relentless escalating riffs coupled with ton-sized breaks that split ground upon impact, crushing any relief in sight, spanning over a half hour, coming to you via Glory Kid Ltd this September in digital and limited cassette formats.


Outlet - Memento Mori
09/23/16 · GKR038

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