When great bands break up there is rarely anything good to say about it, that is unless these bands break up and form other great bands. From the demise of Grenades and Where My Bones Rest Easy comes Seattle’s, Slumberbox.

Heavy, emotional, aggressive, melodic, Slumberbox delivers on all fronts. Taking influence from bands like Quicksand and Hum while also managing to have hints of acts like Deftones and the vocal stylings of Thursday.

Songs like “Monument Titan” switch from being fast paced and driving to almost sludgy and brooding at the end, while the first and second track “Bloodletting” and “Survivors Guilt” sit more comfortably in the post-rock vein. They share a slower pace and more of a direct focus along with being more emotional sounding in the vocals.

The last track on the record, “A Ghost Alive” is the stand out track on the ep opening with a pop punk styled intro and switching between that faced paced movement and some slower guitar ringing parts before really pushing it from the middle to the end of the song.

Slumberbox manages to tie in the projected outcomes of their previous attempts to bring something both aggressive and emotional while not being tied down to any particular genre or style.
- 36 Vulture

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  • Slumberbox - Estoy Listo, Quiero Morime EP

    Slumberbox - Estoy Listo, Quiero Morime EP

  • Slumberbox - Estoy Listo, Quiero Morime T-shirt

    Slumberbox - Estoy Listo, Quiero Morime T-shirt

  • Slumberbox - Self Titled EP

    Slumberbox - Self Titled EP