At first listen, you swear instead of turning on your receiver you flipped the control switches to a time machine, jettisoning your way back into the year 1991 when bands like Nirvana, Mudhoney, and L7 were tearing down the definition as to what was considered “pop”, or desirable by the younger listener. These same kids, who were fed up by the glitz, glam and excess lifestyles that rockers were portraying, abandoned that model and started their own autonomy which still echoes throughout our consciousness today.

Heavily dowsed in all that was good, raw and innocent with the sudden surge of “grunge” (which most of us know by now was a major label spin term on something that was already prevalent in underground music, it’s called punk. Yet I can’t help myself from using it) Sneeze understands the sound more than most. Not much different from the forerunners in the 90’s, they take elements of heavy punk and pop sensibility into a unique marriage which they can confidently claim as their own. With catchy hooks, driving measures and an unquenchable thirst to push forward, the band has proven to be nothing less than a growing force. With a 7″ EP, a self released LP, two tour cassettes and combined months of touring, Sneeze has finally found a home here at GKL.


Sneeze - Rot
09/02/16 · GKR037

Sneeze - Wilt
06/17/14 · GKR029

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