Where My Bones Rest Easy


Starting out as a outlet to write and play music while their other project (Burn Your Life Down) laid dormant, WMBRE has slowly over time become the main project for Anthony Manella and Andrew Gomez IV. Taking influence from the music and era that brought them up and shaped their musical identity. WMBRE hides no cards and lays it all on the table for all to see. Pulling inspiration from 90s alternativerock pioneers such as Hum, Failure, Codeine and Starflyer 59. Wrapping dreamy, heavy, muddy riffs with pulsing drums to drive it, all the while coupled with emotive vocals, warm harmonies and space-like ambiance. This is not a music project, but a calling card. Showing what could be done with time, love and commitment to a craft.


Where My Bones Rest Easy - Exercises in Futility
06/23/15 · GKR032

Where My Bones Rest Easy - Forget Me, Love b/w Harmonix
09/10/13 · GKR027

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