Trenchfoot - At the Mercy of Circumstance GKR033

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Trenchfoot’s debut LP, At the Mercy of Circumstance, shows the band expanding from their newly discovered sound and reaching out of their comfort zones. The record features a slurry of solos, blast beats, dissonance, feedback, breakdowns, dbeats and angular chords tempered by infrequent moments of calm. These sounds are expertly captured and shaped, with the team of Kevin Bernsten engineering and Kurt Ballou mixing the album. Trenchfoot’s newly solidified lineup, rounded out with Tom of Colony fame on second guitar, features a new level of competence which allows the band to deliver these songs live in a beautifully chaotic wall of sound, which the band will continue constructing from their home base in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Track Listing

  1. Always Know
  2. Purge of Help
  3. Buried
  4. The Catacombs
  5. Own Self
  6. Just To Feel
  7. Afloat
  8. Ocean of Thought
  9. Followed In
  10. Otherwise

Pressing Information

9 Opaque Black vinyl (test press / “pre-press” edition)
9 Opaque Black Vinyl (reject test press)
300 Opaque Black vinyl

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